Connecting Yoga Teachers: Online Communities and Forums to Share Resources and Advice in the US

Yoga teachers have an opportunity to connect with each other & share resources & advice online using websites, blogs & Facebook groups. Learn more about these communities & forums here!

Connecting Yoga Teachers: Online Communities and Forums to Share Resources and Advice in the US

Yoga teachers have a unique opportunity to connect with each other and share resources and advice online. There are many successful yoga teachers who use their websites, blogs, YouTube channels, podcasts, and Facebook groups to share their knowledge. Facebook groups for yoga teachers are a great way to get support, provide support, and discuss a wide range of topics. The “Yoga Teachers” group is a great example of this, as it encourages members to help improve their relationships with yoga teachers around the world.

In these groups, yoga teachers can ask for advice on how to combat impostor syndrome as new teachers, teaching trauma-based yoga, and resources on the medical contraindications of yoga. Other topics of discussion include advice on yoga poses, exemptions, recommendations from schools and yoga books, best practices for teaching yoga classes online, and tips on class structure. The “Connected Yoga Teacher” group is focused on connecting with the community and helping yoga teachers share more yoga and take care of themselves, their time, and their businesses. The administrator of the group opens threads to share and promote opportunities from time to time.

They also host live videos on topics such as pelvic health, how to teach an online yoga class, ideas about sequencing the Vinyasa flow, and podcasts. Kelly also hosts one-hour marketing training sessions within the group once a week. Additionally, there are opportunities to learn from other teachers who broadcast live as part of the group's Yoga Teachers Talk Business series. The presenter Shannon Crow and her guests discuss topics such as “Switching to a rental studio model” and “Creating a niche” (online course).

These are excellent tools for yoga teachers who want to improve their knowledge of the yoga business. It is important to note that the Net Promoter Score (NPS) does not measure the quality of the teacher training program or any other business (at least not directly), but rather a reflection on the likelihood that students who have already completed the training will actively recommend the training to the yoga community in general.The Teaching for Equity program supports yoga professionals around the world who work for little or no salary to bring the healing benefits of yoga to communities that have experienced marginalization. Practyce is one of the newest yoga streaming platforms, a sister company of the online yoga retailer YogaOutlet. This group is for entrepreneurial yoga teachers looking for support, training, and resources to grow their online student communities and build sustainable and profitable online yoga businesses.By collecting student feedback, schools can develop and improve their Yoga Teacher Training programs.

This helps prospective students make an informed decision when selecting a yoga teacher training program. They become the eyes and ears of the Yoga Alliance in the training of teachers around the world, making the yoga community more responsible as a whole. The Yoga Alliance certification is important because it is recognized as the most respected authority in yoga training.With unlimited access to more than 2600 yoga and meditation videos, Yoga Anytime offers several opportunities for yogis who work from home and seek to meet a variety of needs. Siddhi Yoga teachers have a deep knowledge of yoga, Ayurveda, sadhna (meditation) and other Vedic scriptures.According to Darren Main, many yoga teachers are great at teaching but often struggle with the business side of things.

With a wealth of resources, low-cost marketing tips, and time-saving tools available online, this book is a must-have toolbox for any aspiring or experienced yoga teacher.

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